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Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Consulting has been in the running for the past 15 years. It mainly offers Information Technology consulting and software application development services; among a host of services. The company has seen a tremendous growth in terms of the development of its products related to healthcare, education, website design and development, accounting and so on. We have a team of highly skilled and diligent employees who are committed to and have a great respect for the work assigned. We work on each task at every project with utmost precision.

IT Consulting

Information Technology is quite widely spread these days. It is being used in practically every sphere of work there is: varying from communication to research and development. A higher productivity and rise in assessing the growing needs of mankind have been achieved with the help of information technology.

Good Shepherd Consulting have employees trained in every facet of technology that is available or popular at the said time. We offer Information Technology Consulting services to numerous Governmental and non-Governmental organizations.

We have a vast range of technology consulting products; some of which are as listed below:


Graphic Designing

Graphic design is an art where ideas and experiences are projected using visual images and texts:
It is a subset of both visual communication and communication design. The graphic designers make the use of numerous processes to create and integrate the words, symbols, and images associated with the ideas and messages, in order to create a visual representation. A graphic designer may use a blend of composition, graphic images and different page structure techniques for designing the final output. Graphic design refers to both the designing process by which the concept is created and the designs which are generated.

The conversation can either be physical or virtual. Images, words, or graphic forms can be found in it. The conversation can take place within seconds or over a longer period. Work may range from the design of a single postage stamp to a national postal signage system, or beginning from a company’s digital avatar to the digital and physical content of an international newspaper, put together. It can serve commercial, educational, cultural, or political purposes.


Video Editing

We, at Good Shepherd Consulting offer both Advanced and Basic video editing services to our clients based on their specifications. Video editing includes cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips, and adding transitions and other Special Effects such as these listed below:

    • Linear video editing, using video tape.
    • Non-linear editing system (NLE), using computers with video editing software.
    • Offline editing/Online editing.
    • Vision mixing, when working within live television and video production environments.

The techniques that video editors use to shape their content reveal a lot about how people create meaning in the world. A deep understanding of how people think, feel, remember and learn is the editor’s greatest strength. This knowledge is used to build powerful, moving stories and experiences. Empathy for the people who exist virtually on the screen and for the audience watching them is a major contributing factor for the best editing practices.

Some of the tips to be followed which are helpful while video editing are as listed below:



We, at Good Shepherd Consulting offer a wide variety of services in the E-learning department ranging from custom development to programming in stages for learning and talent management.

We try to improve the value point for our clients who develop more powerful and attractive web learning knowledge tools. We use the following tools while working on developing reliable products for our customers:

    • We make use of highly advanced principles of instructional design with emphasis placed on multipoint delivery.
    • We have a course structure with all the adaptive behavior capabilities that are required to place all the learners in the same perimeter, as the core of this project.
    • All our content development processes are definitely innovative.


We, at Good Shepherd Consulting help out students planning to study overseas in making all the requisite arrangements. We provide the required guidance and assistance by following the procedure listed below:



Finding the right people

Our clients generally aim to concentrate on the foundation of your business. We, at Good Shepherd Consulting aim to help them by offering extensive workforce solutions. It begins by providing them with the accurate expertise at the appropriate time. We will deliver all the professionals they need, who are skilled in the law department, the IT department and the health department in the company.

Meeting your expectations

We’ve been putting people to work at businesses of all sizes and we are well aware of the types of workforce challenges faced by any business. We work along with our clients in order to understand their needs and solve their problems. Our staffing solutions are designed in such a way that their business can easily retain its efficiency and productivity in spite of any workforce issue.